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What do you get when you pair a feisty, dynamic European woman and artist (Birgit Whitelaw) with another high-energy American woman and artist (Renata Dolz), both with strong corporate business backgrounds and a passion for painting and art? Well, you get an ‘Art Connection’ like no other that’s dedicated towards fostering a connection between art, people and business. – Be daring,  Be different,  Be impractical, Be anything that will assert integrity of purpose and imaginative vision against the play-it-safers, the creatures of the commonplace, the slaves of the ordinary. – Cecil Beaton –



…Encouraging creative thinking and engagement.

Our job is to harness the power of creativity to inspire ideas, further causes and connect people.


Art Connection primary focus…

We consult on creatively optimizing meeting goals, and conduct immersive corporate team building experiences that are guaranteed to engage and inspire employees. The Harvard Medical School reports that the serotonin produced during creative exploration supercharges learning and connects us to others.  Creative expression helps people resolve conflict, develop social skills, relieve stress, empower confidence, and increase self awareness. We support non-profits whose constituents can especially benefit from the life and self-esteem enhancing effects of art.


Creatives Spotlight

Creative Mastermind, Birgit Whitelaw:

Birgit Whitelaw is the founder of The Art Connection, which was established in 2003.  Birgit has studied under various International art professors, completing her studies at the Colorado Institute of Art.  The management skills she acquired in the hotel business, coupled with her artistic bent, have proven to be the key ingredients to the success of the art connection and the delivery of amazing creative experiences for major national and regional company brands.  Birgit gives back by volunteering on various committees including:  A Stronger Cord, Hope at Hillcrest School, MPI Gala Committee, Co-Chair Art Show at Bayaud Enterprises.  Her mantra: “In a desert, there is always sunshine, but for growth you need rain and for creativity you need thunderstorms.”

 Marketing Strategist and Creative Mastermind, Renata Dolz:

Renata is a marketing and sales mutt, with a checkered past that includes brand management, new business acquisition, retail channel development, category management and market research.  Her concentration is in consumer-packaged goods, where she has led both national marketing and sales teams down unconventional paths with enviable success.  From the ripe age of 5, she exhibited an innate talent in art entering and winning contests, which eventually resulted in commissioned art projects on the side.  Her appreciation for the power of art and it is powerful led her to join forces with Birgit Whitelaw as a partner in The Art Connection.  The Art Connection harnesses that power to help companies carve out visions and amplify values, and unite teams with innovative art experiences.  She has worked creative magic with corporations like T-Mobile, First Western Trust, Vectra Banks, KPMG, CBRE, YPO, Newmont Mining, ViaWest, HDR, DaVita and more.  Renata served as a contributing member to the DU Marketing Round Table, and co-chair for PlatteForum, an organization that supports underserved youth for several years by pairing them with artist residents. She and Birgit also deliver pro-bono creative experiences for Dress for Success and Eagle Academy.  Her mantra: ” Go forth and seek that which is uncertain.”

“WHY” Creative, Carrie Dolan:

Carrie is a passionate marketer committed to delivering “uncommon results” and helping businesses thrive. As a certified “WHY” Coach (and sharing Simon Sinek’s philosophy that people don’t by “what you do”, they buy “why you do it”), Carrie spends a great deal of her time helping companies both discover and express their unique “WHY’s”.   As a creative thinker (fueled by ‘a ha’ moments), an engaging facilitator (who believes everyone’s opinion matters), and a passionate mobilizer (with a ‘do whatever it takes to succeed’ mindset), Carrie’s ability to open up the hearts and minds of, and energize even the toughest of skeptics is second to none.

Creative Muse and Provocateur, Adriana Miyakawa:

Adriana melds her background in education and counseling with her love of art to help open doors and inspire others.  She works with a variety of mediums and has had her work displayed in various galleries.  Over the years, through her work as a teacher, consultant and volunteer, she’s used her talents and passion for the arts to spark creativity in her students and clients.

Master Artist Creative, Suzanne Wodark Sanderson:

Suzanne enjoys the title “Renaissance Woman” given to her in a recent introduction, she loves wearing the hats to satiate her many interests. Growing up in Broomfield, Colorado, Suzanne was surrounded by outstanding artists all within her own family. Her mother, a classically trained artist, provided all types of art media and taught Suzanne and her 3 older brothers how to become brilliant artitsts.

Brand Ambassador & Meeting Planner Creative, Doug Chorpenning:

Doug provides enormous entrepreneurial oomph to any creative enterprise.  He is the founder and CEO of the wet paint creative group.  Wet paint specializes in corporate messaging and branding-all shapes and sizes.  Prior to wet paint, he owned and managed the hip performance group.  Hip was a high-touch boutique corporate event agency founded in 2001 and grew to approximately $10M in revenue in 2010.



Contact us via e-mail, birgit@connectwithart.net, or phone, 720-936-4830