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Since 1973 the average home in America has drastically increased in size.  According to the National Association of Home Builders, the average American home was 1600 square feet in 1973 and increased to 2500 square feet in 2007.  Interestingly, the average American home today is currently at 2380 square feet and the NAHB predicts that homes become even smaller and more energy sufficient.

Layering Of Art:

Larger and smaller art can be displayed informally by layering art pieces on the floor against a wall.  Or hang art (different sizes can be used or same) from photography to canvas art, on a main wall and arrange them from top to bottom using up the whole wall.  Another way is to place an art piece or multiple art pieces (layering) on top of a console or fireplace letting them lean against the wall instead of hanging them up.




Statement Pieces:

Placing a bold, large painting over a bed or love seat can make a small space feel expansive.  When placing art above a bed, you want to make sure the art is reflecting peace and relaxation.  Soft, muted tones or relaxing scenes of oceans, landscapes can be used to achieve just that.





A large piece of tapestry visually expands a room or studio. To add depth, hang the tapestry high up so the eye is drawn upwards.  Depending on your overall decor, the bolder the tapestry the better.




If you are looking for art in your home or office, please let us help you make the right choice.








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