Corporate Team Building




Encouraging creative thinking and engagement.


Our job is to harness the power of creativity to inspire ideas, further causes and connect people.

How the Best Places to Work are Nailing Employee Engagement – Forbes


‘Art’ can…

  • amplify culture and values
  • reward and engage employees
  • stimulate new ideas and campaigns
  • creatively give back to the community
  • show clients how much you appreciate them


Connecting ‘art’ to your goals…


Every company and non-profit is different: different stage of development, goals, culture and priorities.  Our job is to understand the purpose you need art to serve and to customize a program specific to that need.  Our programs typically span 2-3 hours and often combine upfront brainstorming and alignment, culminating in collaborative masterpieces.

-The Harvard Medical School reports that the serotonin produced during creative exploration supercharges learning and connects us to others.  Art shifts one’s relationship to the problem, enabling one to approach it from a fresh, back-door perspective-.


Sample experiences…



  • musical art (a fast paced art experience that builds on everyone’s ideas and inspirations. Truly art and ideas in motion)
  • read it, tell it, make it (all about communication, collaboration and interpretation)
  • company mural (a visual celebration that echoes your company’s brand and culture and makes a dramatic statement for everyone to see. Co–designed with you)!

Ice Breakers:

  • speed dating (a fun, energizing way to get to know your team members.  A mix of engaging questions asked during various rounds of “dating”. Groups are randomly divided.  Guaranteed, the room will be buzzing.
  • a new planet, team problem solving (a decision making game with high stakes — given the earth’s rapid demise due to the ravages of extreme heat and depleted ozone layer, teams must select a small group of candidates (from a manifesto) to start life on a new planet.

Community Engagement:

  • design challenge (your team will slip into the roles of part carpenter and part painter.  Bought or second hand furniture will be given new life with color, new hardware etc.  The final pieces will be donated to a non-profit of your choice (e.g. shelter, families in need).
  • project runway (teams will create an inspirational t-shirt for a homeless man, woman or child.  Inspirational messages, lots of color, decals, glitter will make these pieces one of a kind.  They will be delivered to a homeless shelter of your choice).
  • art kiTs (teams will be part of a very fun assembly line.  Employees will be grouped into teams to assemble art kits for at risk youth.  Art has been eliminated or is under-funded in many schools.  With an art kit, children can continue to express themselves in a creative way. Creative expression is linked to lower depression and raise the feel good hormone, serotonin.  Kits will be delivered to an non-profit of your choice).



Our first step is to meet with you to thoroughly discuss your needs and get an understanding of your company’s culture and personality.  From there, we customize or you choose an experience to address your objectives.  The experience can be on premise – your boardroom, cafeteria, training room, studio or other location of your choosing.  We bring all supplies (flip chart, paints, canvas, mixed-media materials and brushes).

Rates vary depending on format, non-profit discounts.


Contact us via e-mail, or phone, 720-936-4830 to book your next team event.